SMART Innovation Network for New Generation Enterprises


i.e. SMART Steering Committee Meeting IV

Date: 03.07.2014 - 04.07.2014 Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Two-day event to monitor/evaluate activity and financial project progress.

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Smart Campus

Date: 20.05.2014 - 23.05.2014 Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Transnational training campus for regional business idea owners in the three emerging sustainable economic sectors - Creative Industries, Green Economy, and ICT.

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Budapest Meetings

Date: 14.04.2014 - 15.04.2014 Location: Budapest, Hungary

Project partners meetings.

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Opening of the SMART Point Vienna

Date: 25.03.2014 Location: Vienna, Austria

Promoting Entrepreneurship Education in Vienna.

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DEMO DAY, Regional i.e.SMART Competition

Date: 05.12.2013 Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Regional SMART Competition to choose the best 5 emerging entrepreneurs (best 5 business ideas) to go forward to the SMART Campus.

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i.e. SMART Steering Committee Meeting III

Date: 21.11.2013 - 22.11.2013 Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Two-day event to monitor/evaluate activity and financial project progress.

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Go Global!

Date: 20.11.2013 Location: Prague, Czech Republic

International conference for courageous entrepreneurs who started a company and who want to succeed abroad.

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i. e. SMART Working Group

Date: 17.10.2013 - 18.10.2013 Location: Vienna, Austria

Co-designing workshop to develop i.e. SMART tools.

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2nd Train the SMART Trainers Workshop

Date: 23.09.2013 - 27.09.2013 Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Nominated SMART Trainers attend final on-site module Train the Trainers.

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i.e. SMART Steering Committee Meeting II

Date: 13.06.2013 - 14.06.2013 Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Two-day event to monitor and evaluate project progress and discuss strategy and action plans for transnational trainings.

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This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.


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